Stage and Screen Partnership

Stage and Screen is a boutique, specialized travel service focusing on meeting the unique needs of the entertainment and sports industries, and has unique expertise in helping production companies manage complex and shifting itineraries and logistics.

Stage and Screen
now have extensive experience in helping productions travel safely in our COVID-19 era.DOC is proud to partner with Stage and Screen to deliver expert travel support at discounted rates! 

Some of the advantages of booking your production travel with Stage and Screen include:

  • Flat booking fee – DOC Members will benefit from an exclusive flat, all-inclusive $30 booking fee (for all itineraries – domestic and international)
  • Exclusive Canadian media industry rates – as part of Flight Centre Travel Group, Stage and Screen has access to savings of up to 30% on hotels and ground transports
  • Ease of use – DOC members will be served by a dedicated Travel Manager, Adriana Angiulli, who has significant experience managing bookings for production teams and understands the unique challenges facing travel for documentary crews
  • Quick, reliable service –  in-house 24/7 support team
  • Managing Risk – in case of an emergency, Stage & Screen’s support will save time, energy, and stress with one point of contact
  • Cost Savings and Reporting – consolidating all your travel bookings with Stage & Screen increases savings benefits and facilitates budget reconciliation and reporting

To learn more, download this PowerPoint presentation on the services offered. 

To get started, reach out to our designated Travel Manager, Adriana Angiulli today: 


Adriana Angiulli
Phone: (M-F 8:30AM-5PM EST): (416)595-5511
Emergency After Hours: (647)665-5351
**Support in French is available and can be accessed through Adriana


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