October 10, 2012

During AGM 2012, Reports were presented.

Click here to view the Strategic Planning Presentation.

Below are notes taken during the “kitchen table” portion of the AGM:

DOC’s charitable status

A member asked that a date be set by which time DOC will have made a decision about the retention of the charitable status; the board was asked to look into setting up a separate organization that is free to do the political work and state what the repercussions are (how does the $$ flow from one to the other).

Questions were asked about the possibility of becoming a fiscal sponsor (again!).

Could we leverage the charitable status to create a production fund?

Need to clarify the difference between advocacy and lobbying and what it is that DOC does. We need to create opportunities for docs by getting more political. Should we be hiring someone to do lobby work on our behalf?

ACTION ITEM : need to get more info on the Registry of Lobbying and what DOC needs to do, if anything, on that front (some charities are registered).

Could welovedocumentary/j’aimeledocumentaire be a vehicle for advocacy?

The issue of communications came up : DOC (the staff? The board?) has to communicate more and has to find new ways of disseminating information. If members weren’t involved on the chapter boards, they wouldn’t know what National is doing.

On the business of documentary making

The need to create tax deductible incentives to leverage investments (tax shelters?)

Fundraising for the Allan King Memorial Fund to bring $$ from international sources.

Defining what “independent” means in order to know what it is that we are championing.

In order to fix the broken funding model, strategic alliances will need to be built with political parties. The public conversation will need to be changed.

A member wants DOC to look into developing a Terms of Trade/code of ethics for distributors. ACTION ITEM : Lisa to talk to CMPA on this matter.

On the business of DOC

Member services: Could DOC look into administering a health insurance program (a really inexpensive one) that would allow it to offer a service AND take an admin fee.

Improving the relationship with Hot Docs was seen as crucial.

The question as to whether or not we are an industry should be put to the members via the listserv and other communication tools.