Bill C-11 and Modernizing the Broadcasting Act

March 21, 2022

DOC believes it is extremely important for the future of our industry that Parliament passes Bill C-11 and modernizes the Broadcasting Act. This will have long-lasting impacts on how we finance our films and who gets to tell Canadian stories. 

Please consider sending this letter to your local Member of Parliament urging them to support passing this legislation.


Dear [Member of Parliament]

I live in [riding] that has elected you to represent my interests in Parliament. 

I am a documentary filmmaker, which means I create content with a uniquely Canadian point of view. 

I am writing to you today urging you to support Bill C-11. Passing this Bill is fundamental to ensuring the sustainable growth of Canadian content told by Canadian creators and provides the opportunity to protect documentary as a unique genre of national programming. 

A thriving documentary sector connects Canadians coast to coast with shared stories and values and brings our perspective to the world. Documentarians are an incredibly diverse community of creators, and our highly successful, award-winning content fulfills broadcaster and funder mandates to present Canadians voices. In addition, documentaries continue to amplify Canadian stories for years after their release, as they find new audiences in what we call the “long tail” distribution.

The modernization of the Broadcasting Act is critical to the survival of Canada’s independent documentary creators and the future of the Canadian cultural community. 

Thank you for supporting passing this important legislation,