Bill C-11 Call to Action

March 9, 2012

Bill C-11 needs a documentary amendment!

Without the inclusion of DOC’s amendment it will be harder for Canadian documentary filmmakers to make their films. We need your help!


In Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Bill, there are provisions that would unduly restrict documentary filmmakers from accessing materials locked behind technical protection mechanisms. DOC has drafted an amendment that would allow documentary filmmakers to circumvent technical protection mechanisms for the purposes of fair dealing. The amendment would allow for technical protection mechanisms to serve their purpose, while allowing documentary filmmakers to make films.

Call to Action

Bill C-11 has passed its 2nd reading, and is now before a Parliamentary Committee. It’s time to write to your MP to tell her/him that Bill C-11 needs a documentary amendment, otherwise you face yet another impediment in making a living as a documentary filmmaker.

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Click here for DOC’s amendment.