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The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is the collective voice of Canada’s independent documentary creators. DOC began in 1983 as the Canadian Independent Film Caucus (CIFC) to represent the interests of Canada's growing community of indi doc filmmakers. Today DOC has over 1000 members across six chapters from coast to coast.


Coffee with… Zed Drive

DOC members now have access to a 20% discount with Zed Drive for web-based dailies, online collaboration on edits and screeners, and solutions for document and image management. 

Join us for “Coffee with… Zed Drive” on June 7th at 4pm ET to hear all about how this can help your shoots and postproduction.

About Zed Drive

Founded in 2011, ZedDrive has extensive expertise in providing the film and television industry with a web-based dailies, cuts and screener review and collaboration platform. Whether it be dailies distribution, web-based collaboration for edits and cuts, and solutions for document and image management, ZedDrive does real-time customizable watermarks, comments, and playlists. We have a robust activity monitor, customizable links, and of course banking-level security protocols. ZedDrive provides one destination, under your total control.




Haydn is a Vancouver-based media & entertainment producer and software developer. He currently sits on the national boards of the Black Screen Office (BSO), the Canadian Independent Screen Fund (CISF), and the Canada Media Producers Association (CMPA). While working producer-side on projects for Screen Siren Pictures, No Equal Entertainment, Insight Film Studios, Haddock Entertainment and his own shingle Tabula Dada, Haydn has worked on 5 international co-productions, 2 inter-provincial co-productions, 10 feature films, 2 TV series, 4 documentaries, and 2 video games. He is proficient in navigating the BC film & TV & Interactive digital media production space and tax credit systems. Haydn produced the feature films ALONE (2010), HELLO DESTROYER (2016) and VIOLENTIA (2018), the CBC documentary DADS (2013), and the critically acclaimed video game EON ALTAR (2016). In 2017 HELLO DESTROYER was nominated for 4 CSA’s, including best picture, and named to TIFF Canada’s Top 10 list. Haydn is the co-founder and CEO at ZedDrive, a web-based dailies/cuts/screeners tool built to give content creation teams the ability to design their own secure media collaboration workflows: from concept to delivery. 100% BC-owned and operated, the company has managed productions across the globe, including the dailies & cuts for many Netflix, CBC, Hulu and Bell Media productions, including every season of CARDINAL, LETTERKENNY and KIM’S CONVENIENCE. Haydn 'does not like' long walks at sunset, cracks up at his headshot, and LOVES Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alfa Romeo’s, and jumping in puddles or the closest ocean with his wife and two amazing daughters.

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