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The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is the collective voice of Canada’s independent documentary creators. DOC began in 1983 as the Canadian Independent Film Caucus (CIFC) to represent the interests of Canada's growing community of indi doc filmmakers. Today DOC has over 1000 members across six chapters from coast to coast.

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DOC Filmmaker Toolkit

DOC is pleased to announce the creation of a documentary filmmaker toolkit, that will provide best practices, How-to guides, legal and production templates, comprehensive lists of festivals and funding resources, and other tools to help Canada’s documentary filmmakers create and disseminate their work.

“Over the last two years, our team has been taking the time to travel to regional festivals like Whitehorse’s Available Light in the Yukon, the Gimli Film Festival in Manitoba and today, the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatchewan. Many DOC members are quite isolated geographically from the urban production centres of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, and they have been asking DOC to provide the kind of support that normally only comes with direct access to a local community of veteran producers,” says DOC Executive Director Sarah Spring.

DOC is inviting Canada’s documentary community to complete a short online survey in order to let DOC know how this new toolkit can best respond to their production needs. In the coming months, DOC will build up an online toolkit available to all DOC members, that will break down barriers to successfully developing, producing and distributing documentary films.

“DOC has been running some very successful mentorship programs geared to helping our members grow their projects and their companies,” says Spring. “Now, thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, we are going to give Canada’s documentary filmmakers a slew of concrete tools that will help them structure and build their films.”

DOC’s Filmmaker Toolkit survey is live and accepting responses until June 11th.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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