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What are the production trends? What are the regulatory issues? What are the policy hurdles? One of DOC’s key objectives is to keep documentary makers informed of what’s going on in the sector.


DOC’s publications tackle everything from Fair Dealing and Copyright to the economic state of the Canadian documentary sector, both in the broadcast and digital spheres.


Guided by our members’ needs, our research shapes DOC’ advocacy efforts.


Getting Real, The Digital Distribution Report and Fair Dealing and Copyright: Guidelines for Documentary Filmmakers are among the best analyses of the business of documentary and the legislation and policies affecting it.


The surveys are timely, informative and essential reading for anyone working in the Canadian documentary industry. Click here to have a look at DOC's publications and download your copy.

Point of View is a magazine dedicated to critical discussion of the art and business of independently produced documentary. It is the only publications of its kind in Canada and for over 25 years, Point of View has been committed to presenting lively, intelligent articles about the esthetics, ethics,  history, funding and cultural policies of documentary both in Canada and abroad.

Documentary producers have an array of information and industry groups at their disposal to plan and produce their next film. DOC has assembled pertinent links and resources to help members connect with helpful and essential documentary organizations and funding.

Alternative financing is becoming increasingly important for documentary filmmakers looking to build their budget. DOC is aware of the challenges this presents and has undertaken significant research on the topic.

DOC has compiled a wealth of resources specifically for producers. Find out about our exclusive insurance program that will save you money on production insurance and look for funding sources that can help producers ensure they have the necessary capital to make documentaries.

DOC is dedicated to supporting a strong and vibrant Canadian documentary sector. The organization provides members with professional development opportunities to deepen their skills and learn new ones.


The Giving Voice: Filmmakers Working With Filmmakers program is a one of a kind national apprenticeship program that allows documentary professionals to deepen their creative voice by learning from seasoned documentarians. DOC also offers mentorship opportunities through our local chapters:


In this section you will find a list of other organizations across the country that provide professional development to filmmakers whether you are an emerging, mid-career or seasoned artist.