DOC Membership FAQ

DOC New Membership Categories and Rates

effective May 1, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DOC changing its membership fee structure?

Simply stated, we are striving to retain and attract more members to DOC. With this new fee structure we have addressed some inequities, and created an entry-level professional option, the "Start-Up." With these changes, we have endeavoured to modestly grow membership revenues, without significant fee increases. By making DOC more accessible, we can grow our community, strengthen the organization, and make our voices heard even more extensively by broadcasters, funders, policymakers, festivals, and audiences at home and abroad.

Do Doc Pro, Start-Up, and Student Members have access to the same member benefits?

Yes, all DOC members have access to all of DOC’s great member benefits, including access to our highly informative member discussion board, discounts on insurance, Indiegogo crowdfunding, POV Magazine, Festival Concierge, etc.

Same member benefits?! What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, except that we really want to make DOC accessible to all documentary creators across the country. There is power in numbers.

What's a Start-Up? How do I know if I qualify?

New members to DOC, who qualify, can register under the "Start-Up" category, which is limited to your first two years of membership.

If any of the following applies to you, you qualify!

  • You’ve incorporated your first company within the last two years
  • You’ve graduated within the last two years
  • You’re directing or producing your first non-student production (regardless of length)

Please provide proof of above in the form of a scan of academic registration, incorporation letter, or any other certified proof. If none of the above applies to you, but you think you may still qualify, give us a call at 1.877.467.4485, ext 2 or 416-599.3844 ext. 2 and we can discuss your particular situation. Following this two-year Start-Up period, we hope to see you register in one of the DOC Pro categories.

What’s an ARRQ / AMPIA member?

ARRQ or the Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec and AMPIA or the Alberta Media Production Industries Association are professional media producer organizations based in Québec and Alberta with which DOC has reciprocal membership agreements. Individuals who are members of one of these organizations as well as DOC receive discounts on their membership fees. Proof of ARRQ or AMPIA membership is required.

As an existing "Remote" member, why are my fees going up? 

A small number of current "Remote" members will see a $17 increase to their fee when they renew within the "DOC Pro" category. However, most members who now qualify for this category under the new guidelines will receive a significant fee reduction when they renew. The DOC Board has seriously considered all of the ramifications of these changes, and believe the overall result will benefit all chapters by helping them to increase their numbers.

Why do I have to pay more just because I live in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto?

In short, for the same reason your mortgage or rent is probably higher. Members in these cities have more access to live DOC events, services, and benefits. Reducing this rate would seriously impact our capacity to continue to grow DOC programs and services.

I can save 25% off my renewal fees if I refer a new member to DOC? How does that work?

Yes, that’s correct, if you successfully refer a new member to DOC, you can both save 25% off the cost of your membership.

Here’s how:

  1. Invite a new member* to join DOC online or by telephone at (416) 599-3844 ext 2 or 1 (877) 467-4485 ext 2. 
  2. To get their discount, the new member must quote Discount Code [contact us for the discount code] when registering and provide your name and city in the “I was referred to membership program by” field.
  3. Once the new member has registered, DOC will email you your own Discount Code for you to enter (or we can enter it for you, if you renew over the phone) and save 25% off the cost of your renewal.**

The fine print:

*This initial discount is valid for one year, for first-time members only. Discounts cannot be applied to DOC-ARRQ/AMPIA, Student and Organizational memberships. 

**Referring members may receive a maximum discount of 25%, per year.

Where do I join?

Join online at or call us at 1.877.467.4485, ext 2 or 416-599.3844 ext. 2.

Still have questions? Need more information?

Contact us at or call us 1.877.467.4485, ext 2 or 416-599.3844 ext. 2.