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January 27, 2022, Toronto, ON – The Documentary Association of Canada (DOC) in
partnership with the online subscription platform Tënk, is proud to present DOCs from the
Vault showcasing 11 documentaries from DOC filmmakers that have not yet premiered
online. The films will be screened in two series, with the first five released on January
, and the following six on March 25th. DOCs from The Vault, through its partnership
with Tënk, creates the opportunity for audiences to discover and celebrate the creativity of
Canadian independent documentary cinema by showcasing innovative and inspiring
documentaries across Canada in both official languages. For more information on the
program visit DOCs from the Vault.

The first selection of five films released from the vault available to Tënk subscribers
starting January 28th are: Stalking Love by Millefiore Clarkes (2005), a journey of
exploration of our relationship to love through the perspectives of the rich, the poor, the
elderly, the very young, sex workers, priests, business professionals and a myriad of
others; Inside Lara Roxx by Mia Donovan (2011), an intimate film about a resilient
Quebecer who, after contracting HIV during a short career in the porn industry, became a
spokesperson for women living with the virus; Soop on Wheels by Sandy Greer (1999),
portrays hope and healing while chronicling the life and contributions of Everett Soop, a
committed cartoonist and Indigenous humorist with muscular dystrophy who lived on the
Blood First Nation in southern Alberta; The Making of a Judge by Linda V. Carter’s
(2010), revisits the story of the filmmaker’s father, the Honorable Judge George E. Carter
who is the first Black judge in Canada; and Arctic Cliffhangers by Stephen A. Smith and
Julia Szucs (2009), in which a biologist shares the daily life of seabirds living in the
Canadian Arctic in order to discover the secrets of the polar marine ecosystem.

Starting March 25th, DOCs from the Vault will showcase the following titles: Arctic
by Saira Rahman and Nilufer Rahman (2015) follows a little prefabricated
mosque that makes its way across the trials and beauty of the Canadian landscape in a
celebrated and unprecedented 4000 km journey by road and river from the prairie city of
Winnipeg to the small arctic town of Inuvik; Dah Dzahge Nodeside by Mike Bourquin
(2014) is look into the efforts of a small group of people as they fight to keep their
language alive via the Tahltan Language Revitalization Program in Northern British
Columbia.; This Stained Dawn by Anam Abbas (2021) follows a group of Karachi
feminists as they organize a woman’s march and negotiate a deeply surveilled, paranoiainducing,
and often physically violent space in the hopes of spurring a revolution for
women’s rights; Still Here: A Journey to Triumph by Wanda Taylor (2007) spotlights an
inspiring and dedicated group of Black teens as they retrace the paths of their ancestors’
journey to Canada; Burning Rubber by Ariella Pahlke (2009) weaves a predominantly
male car culture together with artists and the curiosity of outsiders, stimulating larger
questions about identity, creativity, gender, freedom, and how we decide what is valued
and given meaning as art; and Medicine Walker by Gregory Coyes (2004) follows Cree
comedian, medicine man, Dr Dale Auger as he takes us on a two medicine walks, first
around a pristine lake in his Sakaw territory in northern Alberta, and then out to Haida

DOCs from the Vault is made possible through the support of Canada Council for the Arts.

About DOC

The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is the collective voice of Canada’s
independent documentary creators. Founded in 1983 to represent Canada’s growing
community of indie doc filmmakers, today DOC represents over 1000 directors, producers,
and craftspeople across six chapters from coast to coast. DOC’s mandate as a memberdriven
organization is to advocate on behalf of our members to foster an equitable,
functional and sustainable environment for documentary production and to strengthen the
sector within the broader cultural industry.

About Tënk

Të is an independent subscription-based documentary streaming platform available
online across Canada. It was launched in Quebec in February 2020 by a team of
enthusiasts and documentary professionals. Tënk is a year round film festival whose
mission is to renew the way we look at the world through the broadcast of strong and
unique films. Tënk was first created in Lussas, France, in what is affectionately known as
The Documentary Village. With the arrival of Tënk in Canada, a real network.

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