DOC Presentation Before the CRTC’S License Renewal Hearings for CBC/SRC January 26th, 2021

29 janvier 2021

In January 2020, DOC submitted its intervention to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regarding the CBC’s request for licence renewal.

After a delay due to COVID-19, the public hearing took place virtually from January 11th – 28th. 

The National Advocacy Committee worked with DOC’s CRTC consultant, Nick Ketchum, to draft the original intervention and refine DOC’s oral presentation. You can read DOC’s oral presentation by downloading the PDF listed below. 


The Canadian public deserves the type of independent documentary films that expand our creative, intellectual, and educational horizons and enables the CBC and SRC to fulfill their mandate as a public broadcaster. Accordingly, and as set out in our written submission, DOC is proposing three conditions of license with respect to documentary programs. The effect of these conditions would be to ensure that the CBC and SRC, at a minimum, maintain the level of support for documentaries that it has provided in the past two years. The public broadcaster must not be permitted, as its renewal application proposes, to reduce its commitment to this very important genre of Canadian programming.