DOC Quebec Holiday Party!

December 9, 2022

It’s our annual Holiday party at O Patro Vys in Montreal. 

The holiday season is fast approaching!

This year, Les Films du 3 Mars joins DOC Québecfor a doubly happy Christmas !

To celebrate this beautiful union after a few years of the pandemic, we invite you to the classic O Patro Vys, to toast the end of 2022 and to the success of your future projects!

Everyone is welcome!

🗓: Thursday, December 15th starting at 7pm 

📍: O Patro Vys (356 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2G4)

A contemporary interpretation of the Fair Use provisions of US Copyright law has revolutionized documentary filmmaking in recent years. Working closely with LA law firm Donaldson & Califf, White Pine Pictures has taken advantage of Fair Use provisions in several of their recent films including Buffy Sainte-Marie, Margaret Atwood, Ice-Breaker, All Governments Lie, Toxic Beauty and others.

Join White Pine Pictures President and founder, Peter Raymont to hear about Fair Use in Canadian documentary films.

🗓️ December 6th, 2022
🕔 2:00pm ET

Join us in-person for the 9th Annual DOC Institute Honours Celebration, where we will present our two milestone awards, the Rogers-DOC Luminary Award and the DOC Vanguard Award, to outstanding members of the Canadian documentary community.

The evening will be hosted by Toronto-based magician Julie Eng. Doors open at 7pm and awards will be presented at 8pm, followed by a night of celebration! Enjoy complimentary hor d’oeuvres and a drink on the house!

Registration is free for DOC members and is $25 for non-members. Space is limited so please remember to RSVP!


We thank event-sponsor CBC and Luminary Award sponsor Rogers Group of Funds for their generous support.

DOC Business Concierge is a bilingual national service to support and empower DOC filmmakers by connecting them with seasoned consulting producers via one-on-one sessions. Participants can sign up at any time to receive project-specific advice that helps them develop, produce, and distribute their content.

As part of this special roundtable during the RIDM Forum, DOC Executive Director Sarah Spring and the program’s funding partner, Diego Briceño of the Canada Media Fund (CMF), will present the impetus for the program. The conversation will also feature Amélie Tintin of the AQPM, Pauline Boisbouvier, a Business Concierge consultant, and many users of the service, who will outline why such support is needed, and how filmmakers can make use of these sessions to overcome their lack of knowledge in these areas as they prepare to launch their projects.

🗓️ November 22, 2022
🕔 3:30pm ET

DOC is extremely grateful to the Canada Media Fund for their support.

Over the past year, CBC has introduced new equity, diversity and inclusion requirements for their productions.DOC has invited CBC’s team to speak about these changes, and to answer any questions you may have about how this will impact your current or future documentaries with CBC.

Dans le courant de l’année écoulée, CBC/Radio-Canada a mis en place de nouvelles exigences d’équité, de diversité et d’inclusion pour leurs productions. DOC a invité l’équipe de CBC/Radio-Canada à venir nous parler de ces changements et à répondre à toute question que vous vous posez sur l’impact que ces nouvelles règles pourraient avoir sur vos documentaires actuels ou à venir produits avec la CBC/SRC.

🗓️ Monday, October 24, 2022
🕔 2:00pm ET

At the Toronto International Film Festival’s Industry Conference, the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) announced the launch of “DocuMentality”: an initiative that seeks to normalize conversations about mental health and well-being in our industry. The Canadian initiative comes on the heels of a series of therapist-led focus groups in the US and the UK. Documentality was started by US-based Malikkah Rollins (DOC NYC, D-Word), UK-based Rebecca Day (Film in Mind) and three D-Word co-hosts: Erica Ginsberg, Doug Block and Marj Safinia. 


DOC has invited documentary creators to participate in a series of focus groups in January and February 2023, the anonymous results of which will be incorporated into a Spring 2023 report that will guide DOC’s work to normalize conversations around mental health in the Canadian documentary sector. Documentality will provide tools for how documentary filmmakers can become more resilient resources for themselves, their teams and the people who entrust them with their stories, and DOC will use the first-hand testimonies of Canadian documentary creators to advocate for sectoral change toward greater understanding of and support for mental health and well-being.

The Association québécoise de la production médiatique, the Documentary Organization of Canada and the Canadian Media Producers Association invites its members to join Julie Blondin, National Director, Business affairs & Coproductions, Telefilm Canada as she presents the new Canada – France co-production treaty, highlighting the changes and new elements. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

🗓️ Tuesday, September 20, 2022
🕔 2:30pm

*English session only // French session will be on September 28*

⭐ Great News!

DOC is extremely pleased to announce that we will be participating in DocuMentality: an initiative that seeks to normalize conversations about mental health and well-being in our industry. DOC is participating in this initiative in order to have clear data to bolster our advocacy for sector commitments to support mental health and well being initiatives for documentary creators.

DOC is presenting a panel discussion at TIFF that outlines the results of the UK and US focus groups that launched Documentality earlier this year, and we’ll share our plans for Documentality in Canada.  The information we collect in the therapist-led Canadian focus groups will become a guide to normalizing conversations around mental health in our sector; how documentary filmmakers can become more resilient resources for themselves, their teams and the people who entrust them with their stories; and what actions DOC can take to advocate for sectoral change.


DocuMentality is an expanding initiative seeking to normalize conversations about mental health in the documentary industry and provide best-practice guidance for filmmakers. The project began with efforts in the UK and US. Now, the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is spearheading a new wave of focus groups with support from the Canada Media Fund. On this panel, we’ll hear from DocuMentality team member Malikkah Rollins and DOC’s Sarah Spring about the past, present, and future of the movement. We’ll also hear from filmmaker Rebeca Huntt describing what she learned about maintaining mental balance in the making of her intensely personal film Beba, which premiered at TIFF last year. Moderator: Inney Prakash (Maysles Documentary Center)

🗓️ Tuesday, September 13, 2022
🕔 3:00pm

Le FMC crée une deuxième ronde de dépôt de projets pour le documentaire d’auteur de langue française qui s’ouvrira le 13 septembre prochain. Ces projets seront évalués selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi pour les projets admissibles ayant un télédiffuseur canadien confirmé et des droits de diffusion admissibles correspondant à l’exigence seuil en matière de droits de diffusion.


The CMF has created a second round of French POV funding that opens on September 13, 2022, and will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis for Eligible projects with a confirmed broadcast licence that meets the Licence Fee Threshold.

DOC a invité le FMC et Téléfilm Canada à répondre à vos questions sur la préparation de votre demande pour que vous soyez prêts à déposer votre projet le 13 septembre.


DOC has invited the CMF to answer your questions about how to prepare your application so you are ready to submit your project on September 13th.


Joignez-vous au coprésident de DOC Québec, Nicolas Paquet, qui discutera avec Mireille Darveau, directrice du contenu de langue française pour le FMC, Caroline Chopra, Directrice déléguée de l’APFMC, et Brigitte Nadeau, analyste au contenu de l’APFMC (Téléfilm Canada- administrateur des Programmes du FMC)


Join DOC Quebec co-Chair Nicolas Paquet in conversation with Mireille Darveau, Director of French Content for the CMF, and two of Telefilm’s CMF Program Administrators: Deputy Director Caroline Chopra, and Content Analyst Brigitte Nadeau.

🗓️ mercredi, 17 août / Wednesday, August 17th
🕔 15 H (HAE) / 3pm ET

DOC’s Festival Concierge service was created with the support of Telefilm Canada to help fill a gap in knowledge and support services for documentary filmmakers who were seeking to leverage the increasingly complex domestic and international film festival circuit and achieve their audience, impact, and distribution goals.

DOC and the Whistler Film Festival present Sean Farnel, Jason Ryle and Claire Aguilar!

Hear all about how the Festival Concierge program works and how to plan for your film’s release in this hybrid festival landscape.

Le Festival Concierge a été créé à l’origine pour offrir un service d’aide et parfaire les connaissances des producteurs indépendants souhaitant utiliser au mieux le circuit international des festivals de cinéma. Les productions canadiennes étaient sous représentées dans les festivals, ce qui limitait le développement professionnel de ces producteurs et la durabilité de leur carrière

DOC et le festival de Whistler présentent Sean Farnel, Jason Ryle et Claire Aguilar !

Vous découvrirez tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le fonctionnement de Festival Concierge et sur la manière de planifier la sortie de votre film dans le paysage actuel des festivals hybrides.


DOC is excited to announce that our members will now have access to a Health Plan!

Join us for a “Coffee with… Your New Health Plan” to learn all about this great opportunity and how you can enroll.

🗓️ Thursday, September 8th
🕔 3pm ET

About the Arts & Entertainment Plan:

The Arts & Entertainment Plan® is offered by ActraFraternal Benefit Society (AFBS), a Member-owned and governed, not-for-profit, federally incorporated insurance company operating since 1975. The Arts & Entertainment Plan® is designed to help artists manage their health care costs. DOC members are guaranteed acceptance into the plan, with no medical questionnaires necessary and no refusals based on pre-existing conditions.


Coffee with… Zed Drive

June 1, 2022

DOC members now have access to a 20% discount with Zed Drive for web-based dailies, online collaboration on edits and screeners, and solutions for document and image management. 

Join us for “Coffee with… Zed Drive” on June 7th at 4pm ET to hear all about how this can help your shoots and postproduction.

About Zed Drive

Founded in 2011, ZedDrive has extensive expertise in providing the film and television industry with a web-based dailies, cuts and screener review and collaboration platform. Whether it be dailies distribution, web-based collaboration for edits and cuts, and solutions for document and image management, ZedDrive does real-time customizable watermarks, comments, and playlists. We have a robust activity monitor, customizable links, and of course banking-level security protocols. ZedDrive provides one destination, under your total control.

DOC Business Concierge is now available Canada-wide in both English and French!

Earlier this year we launched DOC Business Concierge with the support of Ontario Creates.

This pilot program is now a National bilingual service with the support of the Canada Media Fund!

Business Concierge was created with the goal to support and empower DOC’s BIPOC producers by providing bespoke guidance and tools as they develop, produce, and distribute their content. This is a completely free service, exclusive to DOC members.

As a part of the launch we are providing a free webinar to explain the program on June 1st at 4pm ET.

The panel features Business Concierge consultants Lisa Valencia-Svensson and Leena Minifie and filmmaker and Business Concierge participant Loveleen Kaur, moderated by Kadon Douglas from BIPOC TV & Film

DOC is extremely grateful to the Canada Media Fund for their support.

Le Business Concierge de DOC est maintenant disponible partout au Canada en français et en anglais !

En début d’année, nous avons procédé au lancement du DOC Business Concierge avec le soutien d’Ontario Créatif.

Notre programme pilote est désormais un service national bilingue, grâce à l’aide du Fonds des médias du Canada !

Business Concierge de DOC a été créé dans le but de soutenir et autonomiser les producteur.trice.s de DOC PANDC en leur offrant des outils et conseils personnalisés pour les aider à développer, produire et distribuer leurs contenus.

Dans le cadre de ce lancement, nous offrons un séminaires gratuit pour expliquer le fonctionnement de notre programme.

La session virtuelle en anglais se déroulera le 1er juin à 16 h (HAE). Kadon Douglas de BIPOC TV & FILM animera la rencontre en compagnie des consultantes de Business Concierge Lisa Valencia-Svensson et Leena Minifie et de la cinéaste participante au programme de Business Concierge, Loveleen Kaur.

Offered in partnership with Film Training Manitoba and DOC Manitoba.

Documentary filmmaker Daniel Cross shows Manitoba-based content creators the essentials of making a documentary film. Using a combination of lecture, case-studies and in-class coaching, David will teach the key requirements of developing a successful documentary project. Participants will learn about creative and finance requirements of documentary filmmaking.

Over two days participants will learn:

  • How to write treatments, synopses, director statements, loglines, and backgrounders.
  • Where to find financing for documentaries
  • How to pitch
  • How to follow up with funders

DOC members receive a discount when registering for this training session.

Participants are required to wear a mask and practice social distancing during the session.

Join DOC Alberta for a Festival Kick-off info session with a networking mixer afterwards! DOC Alberta AGM to take place prior to the session.

Thursday, April 21, 2022 @ 6 pm‬‬ ‬‬‬

Location: Hybrid event

In-person: Longroof Brewing Co. – 9916 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Online: Via Zoom (link to be emailed the day before the event)


5:30pm – 6:00pm: Member registration. Networking‬‬‬‬‬.

6:00pm – 7:15pm: DOC Alberta Annual General Meeting

7:30pm – 8:15pm: Festival Kick-off Event

8:15pm – 9:00pm: Networking Mixer‬

AGM Information

The Annual General Meeting agenda to be emailed to members one week before with list of candidates, bios, and individual brief.


NOMINATE yourself or another DOC member based in Alberta for a position on the DOC AB Board! DOC Alberta, the Alberta Chapter of the Documentary Organization of Canada, is requesting from our membership, NOMINATIONS for TWO positions on the DOC Alberta Board of Directors.

These TWO positions will be filled by election at the DOC AB Annual General Meeting on April 21, 2022.

Nominations must be sent in before April 15th, 2022. Please send in your nomination to

Further Details –

Festival Kick-off Event Information

Following the AGM, members and non-members are invited to an informative session about Canadian documentary festivals where representatives from festivals in Alberta and across Canada will join us in-person and virtually to provide info on their festivals.

Please email with any comments or questions.

Sincerely, DOC-A 2021-22 Board of Directors:

Co-Chairs Don Young and Lorna Thomas, Board members Lewis Cardinal, Mark Collings, Kathy Fisher, Anthony Goertz, Kennedy Quigley, Kelly Wolfert, and Braden Rooke.