DOC Northwest

The DOC Northwest chapter connects more than 300 DOC members in British Columbia, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. DOC Northwest is involved in various local professional development initiatives including workshops, Masterclass series, and its Breakthrough Program.

Questions about Programming

For questions relating to DOC Northwest specific programming or events, you can get in touch with Nikita Raman at

If you are a member of DOC Northwest, or a filmmaker in the region, connect with the local chapter.

Board of Directors

Baljit Sangra

Chair | Professional Development | Advocacy

Priyanka Desai

Vice Chair | Professional Development | Communications

Richard Raghoo

Treasurer | Sponsorship

Jessica Hallenbeck

Board Member | Professional Development

Alix Buck

Board Member | Communications

Kevin Eastwood

Secretary | Professional Development | Advocacy

Özgün Gündüz

Board Member | Communications

Tristin Greyeyes

Board Member

Sara Jamil

Board Member

Justin Sealy

Board Member

Wendy Wan

Board Member