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Hire BIPOC Databases

Here are some useful databases to Hire BIPOC production crew for documentary film. If we missed any, please let us know at

HIRE bipoc is the definitive and ubiquitous industry-wide roster of Canadian BIPOC creatives and crew working in screen-based industries.

Access reelworld

Launched in July 2020, Access Reelworld is a fully transparent and searchable recruiting platform for Canadian Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American creatives in the screen industry.

Black women film! canada

Black Women Film! Canada is both a leadership program and new collective dedicated to forwarding the careers, networks, and skills of filmmakers and media artists who are Black female identified of the Canadian African diaspora.

Film in colour

Film in Colour is an online tool intended for users to discover, hire, and collaborate with Film/TV industry professionals of colour, including Directors, Writers, Producers, Editors, Crew, Executives, Curators, Comedians, and a wide array of other Film/TV industry roles for all levels of experience.

Inclusive crews facebook group

This is a group where filmmakers can come to post jobs encouraging all races, genders, sexual orientations, degrees of ability, religious affiliations, etc. to apply.

DOC Directory

DOC is excited to welcome more than 350 BIPOC documentary filmmakers through its BIPOC Membership category. The DOC Directory provides members with exclusive access to our public-facing database for the recruitment of crew across the country. You must be a member to access the DOC Directory.

BC Databases

Culture brew art

Based out of BC, CultureBrew.Art (CBA) is a digital platform that promotes and fosters intersectional interculturalism throughout Canada’s professional performing and media arts sectors by facilitating opportunities and connecting Indigenous and racialized artists. CBA is searchable by artistic discipline, gender, racial/ethnic heritage – Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis), African diaspora, East/Southeast Asian diaspora, Latin American (Latinx) diaspora, South Asian diaspora, West Asian/Southwest Asian/North African (Middle Eastern/Arab) diaspora, mixed ethnicity – and other fields as determined by research data gathered through community consultations.

Collective bunch

The Collective Bunch Society is a for-impact (non-profit) community of above and below the line crews and creatives working in screen-based industries who identify as Indigenous, Black, People of Color, and LGBTQ2S+. Used by producers, production managers, development executives, and broadcasters who are looking to invest in diverse talent. Based in Vancouver, we’re available for Canadian and American productions and media companies to hire.

us databases

Brown girls doc mafia

Mostly focused in the US, Brown Girls Doc Mafia members are a diverse network of filmmakers and industry stakeholders ranging from veterans with long resumes to newly emerging professionals. Many members work in production as directors, producers, editors, cinematographers, and more, and others work on the institutional side as executives, funders, curators, administrators, academics, and more. Our community is populated by documentary film professionals who self-identify as both a person of color and as a woman or non-binary individual.


Created by filmmaker Ava DuVernay and led by an all-women executive team, ARRAY CREW is a personnel database for Hollywood’s below-the-line crew members with a special focus on the amplification of women, people of color and other underrepresented film and television professionals. ARRAY Crew is partnered with all of the major Hollywood studios and streamers, including:WarnerMedia, Amazon, Apple, A24,CBSViacom, Disney, FOX, MGM, NBC Universal, Netflix, Lionsgate and Sony. Membership is free for crew members across more than 500+ job categories, including animation, documentary and unscripted, who are 18+ with at least one verifiable production. Now open to Canadian crew members to build their profiles