DOC Québec

DOC Québec represents more than 150 documentary filmmakers in the province. They work to promote and support documentary filmmaking in Québec.

The chapter’s activities include creating policy based on local issues, dialoguing with provincial agencies for increased support of the documentary genre, co-presenting the Forum RIDM during the festival and organizing workshops, professional development opportunities and networking events for its members.

Questions about Programming

For questions relating to DOC Quebec-specific programming and events, contact DOC Quebec’s Coordinator at

If you are a member of DOC Québec, or a filmmaker in the region, connect with the local chapter.

Board of Directors

Ina Fichman

Vice-Chair, Chair of National Board of Directors

Amélie Tintin

Co-Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Nicolas Paquet

Co-Chair, Advocacy Committee

Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Frederic Bohbot

Advocacy Committee

Daniela Mujica

National Rep, Advocacy Committee, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Olivier D. Asselin

Event Committee

Ashley Duong

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Amy Miller

Advocacy Committee

Laurence B. Lemaire

Board Member