The CRTC’s public proceedings to modernize the regulatory framework for Canadian Content

July 12, 2023

Now that Bill C-11 has passed into Law and we have a new Broadcasting Act that will also regulate “online undertakings” (streamers), the CRTC has launched a public proceeding to figure out how to do it: essentially, who should pay, how much, and to where.

DOC is actively participating in these key public consultations to determine exactly how the CRTC should incorporate streamers into our broadcasting system. Most importantly, DOC is weighing in on how to ensure that the documentary community can continue to thrive within the new regulatory framework.

The “Regulatory Plan to modernize Canada’s broadcasting system” will take place over three phases:

Phase I: Written interventions

This phase invites the industry to submit written comments on CRTC notices of consultation 138, 139, 140. This phase is concluding on July 26th and DOC will have submitted interventions on all three proceedings.

The three notices of consultation are:

139: To consider which online streaming services will need to be registered with the CRTC

140: To consider changes to orders under which online services have operated in Canada.

138: To consider who should contribute, how much and how.

Phase II: Public consultations (hearing) Fall / Winter 

​​In this phase, the CRTC will look at how to tailor our expectations of and requirements for different broadcasting services, including:

  • Definitions of Canadian and Indigenous content;
  • CRTC’s approach to licensing;
  • Funding to improve public participation in broadcasting processes;
  • Audio-related support, such as contributions for music and spoken-word programming;
  • Mechanisms, such as incentives and regulatory measures, that could be used to:
  • support emerging talent
  • foster creation, production, distribution, promotion, and discoverability of diverse content;
  • Supports for news and local programming;
  • Market access and other power imbalances;
  • Fair negotiations, ownership, and dispute resolution;
  • Improving protections for consumers; and
  • Broadcasting industry fees.

Phase III: Implementation (late 2024)

Read DOC’s official interventions CRTC Proceedings 2023-138, 2023-139 and 2023-140: