DOC Member Community Consultations on the National Film Board

May 7, 2024

In December 2023, the NFB began a process of restructuring that is still ongoing. Many DOC members expressed concerns about how these changes might impact them and their communities. DOC convened our members to reflect on the NFB’s mandate, and to share ideas and aspirations for our vision of the NFB that meets the needs of Canadian and Indigenous filmmakers in every region of the country.

The reflections took place virtually in February, March, April and in-person in May 2024. The following are a consolidated list of the nine priorities.

While DOC will provide the NFB and Heritage with a condensed list of recommendations for their Strategic Planning, DOC is making the preliminary detailed document available to members as you have requested support to help you fill out the NFB survey that is currently circulating.

You can fill out the NFB survey here in English: