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The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is the collective voice of Canada’s independent documentary creators. DOC began in 1983 as the Canadian Independent Film Caucus (CIFC) to represent the interests of Canada's growing community of indi doc filmmakers. Today DOC has over 1000 members across six chapters from coast to coast.


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DOC at GIFF: DocuMentality Mental Health in the Documentary Sector

DOC will be present at Gimli International Film Festival!

Growing from our wonderful meetings with local filmmakers at the Available Light Film Festival this past winter, attending Gimli to connect with Manitoba doc-makers is part of DOC’s Strategic Goal to connect with and work to strengthen our local Chapters.

Having launched an initiative to normalize conversations about mental health in the Canadian documentary field in 2022, the Documentary Organization of Canada and the team at DocuMentality, with the financial support of the Canada Media Fund, conducted a series of focus groups to assess well-being among documentary industry professionals nationwide.

This report is Canada’s first in-depth analysis of mental health and well-being in the production sector. This session will share the results of the DocuMentality report with filmmakers in Manitoba and seek input for what filmmakers want to see change in order to center well-being and good mental health in their work.

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