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The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is the collective voice of Canada’s independent documentary creators. DOC began in 1983 as the Canadian Independent Film Caucus (CIFC) to represent the interests of Canada's growing community of indi doc filmmakers. Today DOC has over 1000 members across six chapters from coast to coast.

Call For Applications

DOC Business Leap : Call for submissions

DOC Business Leap will support six Canadian documentary producers with small to mid-sized production companies who have completed one or several funded projects, and who identify as one or more intersections of Indigenous, Black, racialized, 2SLGBTQIA+, living with a disability, Francophone outside Quebec or living in a rural or remote regions of Canada (remote being defined as oneʼs primary residence being 150 km from cities of over 500 000 people).

This program includes:

  • Monthly meeting with a producer mentor
  • Monthly consultations with a production accountant
  • Consultation sessions with an entertainment lawyer
  • $2000 of therapy

This program is designed for producers who want to grow their production company. Each participant is allotted a pre-paid block of time with specialized consultants that they can draw upon over the course of one year, beginning in January 2024. These regular consultations will help participants to better position themselves, their team and their company for long term sustainable growth.

Every month, participants will have a two-hour meeting with a veteran producer consultant. These regular check-ins are to help to keep their company and projects on track. Participants have regular access to legal consultants, to help with their company structure, to set up their standard production agreements, and any other support that is needed to establish the correct legal frameworks for the company as it prepares for long term growth. Participants have access to production accounting consultants, to help the company review and refine its systems for accounting, payroll, managing tax credits, and other key financial elements. Participants also have pre-paid sessions with a therapist – a key recommendation from DOC’s “DocuMentality” report released in May 2023.

Please fill out the form below to apply for DOC Business Leap before November 17, 2023.

This program is supported by

Eligibility Criteria. YOU ARE:

  • A producer who creates documentary content
  • The majority shareholder of a production company incorporated within Canada
  • The majority shareholder of a production company that has produced at least one documentary production in Canada that has received Federal tax credits
  • The lead producer on a documentary that has had one or more of: Telefilm funding, CMF production funding, a production license with a Canadian broadcaster, a coproduction with the National Film Board of Canada
  • Working with a bookkeeper and / or production accountant on at least a part-time basis
  • Interested in growing your company and producing documentary content at a higher volume
  • An individual who is part of at least one of the communities prioritized by Business Leap
  • Able to commit to up to five hours of meetings per month with the program’s mentors and consultants

This is a pilot program that is mostly being offered in English with some French elements.


Q: Do I have to be working exclusively on documentaries?

A: No. You can be producing a variety of genres and formats, but need to have documentaries on your slate of projects

Q: Why is this program open only to documentary producers who are Indigenous, Black, racialized, 2SLGBTQIA+, living with a disability, Francophone outside Quebec or living in a rural or remote regions of Canada (remote being defined as one’s primary residence being 150 km from cities of over 500 000 people)?

A: This program is supported by the Canada Media Fund’s Sector Development program, that supports industry initiatives that seek to address gaps in our sector for the groups prioritized by this program. 

Q: How much time will I be required to spend on this program over the course of a year?

A: Every month, participants will spend 1-2 hours with their producer mentor, and 1-2 hours with their production accountant. These meetings do not have a fixed date and time and are set up to be flexible considering everyone’s busy schedules. The legal consultations and therapy sessions are according to each producer’s needs, and can be utilized until the bank of hours has been depleted.

Q. When will know if I’ve been selected for the program?

A: Participants will be notified by December 6, 2023

Q. Why is this program not offered in French?

A: DOC is running this program as a pilot with some bilingual elements: the legal consultations and resulting Agreements are available in French, and participants can choose a Francophone therapist. Should DOC be able to run a second, more expansive version of this program it will be a fully bilingual offer.


Remy Khouzam

Legal consultant

Remy has been practicing in arts and communications law for over 15 years. Remy holds particular interest in legal issues arising from the ongoing changes in the cultural industry, including intellectual property management, fair dealing or free speech. His skills and knowledge within these areas have led to partnerships with institutions such as Telefilm Canada, SODEC, TV5 and INIS and he is frequently solicited as a speaker and lecturer.

Mike Skolnik

CPA/CA, Behind the Scenes

Founded by Thomas Walden, CPA/CA and Eric B rnberg, LL.B, Behind the Scenes is enjoying its 20th year as a service provider in the Canadian film and television industry. BTSʼ mission is to provide one stop, cost effective and comprehensive business affairs and administration services. BTSʼs clientsʼ services range from web-series to feature documentaries, and from small, non-scripted, non-union cable MOWʼs to large-scale, scripted, union/guild worldwide streamer series.

Lisa Valencia-Svensson

Producer Mentor

An Emmy award winning producer, Lisa has held Executive positions at the Racial Equity Media Collective, Hot Docs and Multitude Films, and has produced many award-winning projects such as ALWAYS IN SEASON (Sundance Special Jury Award) and the Emmyaward winning HERMANʼS HOUSE, among a long list of projects for festivals and broadcast. Lisa is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Documentary Branch. Her passion is for film projects which explore issues of inequality and social justice, and which encourage audiences to view their world through a constructively critical and creatively unique lens.

Film in Mind

Therapeutic support for the film industry

Film In Mind advocates for better mental health in the film industry, providing consultation and therapy for the filmmaking community.

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