In response to DOC member questions about how to constructively discuss systemic racism in our industry and daily lives, DOC has asked Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Oppression Educator Rania El Mugammar to create a free session available to all DOC members!

The goal of this keynote session on May 20th is to allow members to examine decolonizing, intersectionality, privilege, and oppression in Canadian cultural, political, and historical contexts.

Registration details for this member-only event can be found in the May 5th DOC National newsletter.

DOC would like to thank the following veteran producers for their allyship in supporting this event: 90th Parallel Productions, Bunbury Films, Catbird Productions, Eyesteel Films, Lantern Films, Mercury Films, Intuitive Pictures, Parabola Films, Periphéria, Primitive Entertainment, Screen Siren Pictures, Vonnie Von Helmolt Productions.

Conférence de Rania El Mugammar, éducatrice pour l’anti-oppression

** Cet événement est uniquement en anglais** 

En réponse aux questions de plusieurs membres de DOC sur la manière d’amorcer une réflexion constructive sur le racisme systémique dans notre industrie et dans notre vie de tous les jours, DOC a mandaté l’éducatrice pour l’équité, l’inclusion et l’anti-oppression Rania El Mugammar pour la création d’une session de formation gratuite pour l’ensemble des membres de DOC !

Le but de cette conférence du 20 mai prochain est de permettre aux membres d’étudier les processus de décolonisation, l’intersectionnalité, les questions de privilèges et d’oppression, dans les contextes culturels, politiques et historiques canadiens.

Les détails de l’inscription à cet événement réservé aux membres se trouvent dans le bulletin d’information national de DOC du 5 mai.

C’est en se positionnant comme alliés solidaires que certains de nos producteurs et productrices les plus chevronnés commanditent l’événement: 90th Parallel Productions, Bunbury Films, Catbird Productions, Eyesteel Films, Lantern Films, Mercury Films, Intuitive Pictures, Parabola Films, Periphéria, Primitive Entertainment, Screen Siren Pictures, Vonnie Von Helmolt Productions. Merci ! 



May 4, 2021

Meet the Funder is a professional development series that brings funders & non-fiction content creators together to share information.

You asked, we answered! On Monday, May 17, our popular Meet the Funder series will stream online virtually. Tickets are free.

Join DOC for an exclusive presentation from CBC decision makers, including Jennifer Dettman (Executive Director, Unscripted Content), Michelle McCree (Executive in Charge of Production, CBC Docs) and Sandra Kleinfeld (Senior Director, Documentary), as they provide a detailed overview of new changes to the CBC’s documentary commissioning operations. This event is not linked below as it is open to DOC members only; please check the DOC Institute May Newsletter from May 6 for the link.


About the panelists

JENNIFER DETTMAN, Executive Director, Unscripted Content

Jennifer Dettman is an award-winning television executive with 15+ years of experience leading innovative television and digital content creation. She is one of the top female executives in the country and an internationally respected voice in the industry. Jennifer has had a leading role in a digital transformation to define new paths forward to fit the changing media landscape and she is dedicated to creating best-in-class Canadian content that competes globally on all platforms. At the CBC, Jennifer is the head of the Unscripted department.

SANDRA KLEINFELD, Senior Director, Documentary

Sandra has been Senior Director of Documentary for CBC Television for the past 5 years, overseeing the network’s documentary strands and the subscription based documentary Channel.

MICHELLE McCREE, Executive in Charge of Production, CBC Docs

She is also part of the team leading CBC’s equity and representation strategy for the Unscripted Content department. Prior to joining the documentary team, Michelle was a senior leader on the Factual Entertainment team, overseeing a broad range of titles, most recently the docuseries Anyone’s Game and the award winning series Still Standing. Prior to joining CBC, Michelle worked across genres as a director, writer and producer for a number of broadcasters including Discovery, Blue Ant Media and Independent Film Channel.

DOC is offering a forum for all of us in the documentary community to bitch, moan, yell and even laugh about Covid Times. The gathering won’t be able to fix anything but it will confirm you’re not alone.

Join us for yet another Zoom on Thursday, March 25, 2021, 4.30 – 6 pm. “CAMERAS ON” OPTIONAL…Sweatpants mandatory…

DOC propose un forum à l’ensemble de la communauté documentaire pour râler, gémir, hurler et même rire de l’Ere de la COVID. Cette réunion ne règlera sûrement rien, mais elle confirmera que vous n’êtes pas seul.e.s…

Joignez-vous à nous pour encore une autre réunion Zoom, jeudi 25 mars de 16 h 30 à 18 h. (HNE). « Caméras allumées » optionnelles « S’habiller en mou » obligatoire